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Jose Manuel Martinez Sanchez, Managing Director of Torero Construcciones, from Mexico; Nishad Azeem, CEO of Coastal Group, from Qatar; Didem Zehra Bulgurlu, General Manager of Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa, from Turkey; Jose E. Prieto, CEO of BID; Dr. Saâd El Kabbaj, Director of Laboratoire de Recherche et d'Analyses Médicales de la Fraternelle de la Gendarmerie Royale, from Morocco; Dr. Samir Kumar Dhara, Managing Director of Lamina Research Center, from India and Michael V. Russell, President of Global Gateway Logistics City, from Philippines.
Leaders United by BID Quality Achievement

Zao Turris from Russian Federation, winner of the BID International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award in Frankfurt 2014

Frankfurt hosted this year's BID International Arch of Europe Convention, where professionals and business leaders from around the world gathered to recognize excellence and success. In particular, the convention celebrated quality in business and operations. Award winners demonstrated commitment to the criteria of the QC100 TQM Model, which helps bolster customer satisfaction and cost efficiency across all areas of operation.

Among this year's winners, Svetlana Astafeva of Zao Turris, from Russian Federation, received the International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award in the Gold Category at the BID Quality Convention in Frankfurt. The organization has made huge strides this year as a leader not only within its sector, but also in Russian Federation. The Award came as an ideal way to celebrate this past year's successes while looking forward to putting quality first in the year to come.

BID chose Frankfurt, the true financial heart of Germany, as the site of this Awards Presentation. Frankfurt represents communication among countries and its influence is reflected in companies where multiculturalism shows that everyone can work together towards a greater good. Frankfurt is a city for corporate communication and services. The governing bodies of the European Central Bank and the European System of Central Banks, which are responsible for managing the world's second largest economy, the Euro area, have their headquarters in Frankfurt and indeed is the perfect site for BID's International Quality Convention. 

Zao Turris won the International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award in the Gold category in Frankfurt in the presence of leaders and representatives from 49 countries at the International Arch of Europe Convention. The prestigious award is presented in recognition of business excellence and innovation. From left to right: Alfonso Casal, Scientific Director of BID, Jose E. Prieto, President and CEO of BID, Svetlana Astafeva, General Director of Zao Turris and Norman Ingle, President of the Quality Mix.

Svetlana Astafeva  stood before the gathering of international leaders, sharing the company's achievements to date as well as its future ambitions and goals. Despite the difficult current global economic climate, Zao Turris strives to excel in quality each day, creating a competitive advantage in its industry. For this reason, Zao Turris won the 2014 BID International Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology Award in Frankfurt. The Award is presented by BID to those companies and organizations from around the world that best adhere to excellence and innovation in their practices, putting quality first at all levels of organization.

Leaders awarded by BID are united by their commitment to quality in their respective sectors. This year, winning organizations include:

Torero Construcciones S. de R.L. de C.V., from Mexico. Although it was only founded three years ago, this construction company has already worked for government entities, as well as major companies such as Athos Construction, Pemex and PYECSA Construcciones. Its range of projects includes bridges, roads, schools and water supply facilities, among other constructions. ISO certified, the company is striving to become a leader in the Mexican construction industry.

Coastal Group, from Qatar. Working across a range of sectors including steel manufacturing, construction, equipment leasing and trading, Coastal Group has worked on some of the most important projects in Qatar in recent years. It has done projects for the International Islamic Bank, Hamad International Airport and the Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Hotel, among other well known clients. The Group is also involved with Qatar's extensive preparations before hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa, from Turkey. This luxurious resort provides clients with all the expected advantages of a top hotel, combined with a uniquely beautiful setting and first class spa and dining services. The resort's spa offers treatments ranging from snow and salt rooms, to Turkish baths, to a sauna. Along with the lavish spa, its Padishah Restaurant offers cuisine which combines traditional Turkish flavors with European and Japanese elements to provide a wide range of irresistible dishes.

Laboratoire de Recherche et d'Analyses Médicales de la Fraternelle de la Gendarmerie Royale - LRAM, from Morocco. Conducting research in the fields of food microbiology, biosecurity and pharmacology, among others, this ISO certified lab has 300 employees and 20 doctors on staff. Founded in 1989,the research center now runs 17 different labs and performs over 3,500 tests per day. It collaborates with other scientific organization on both a national and international level, including Bio Formation and Laboratoire biomnis, thus broadening its scope of quality research practices.

Lamina Research Center Pvt. Ltd. , from India. Committed to bettering the overall quality of health in India, Lamina innovates ideas and products for the healthcare sector. It currently has offices in Delhi and Calcutta and it is about to open a third office in Hyderabad. The company strives to make its products accessible and affordable to the general population. It works to fight preventable diseases through proper nutrition.

Global Gateway Logistics City, from Philippines. This 177 hectare mixed-use development is on its way to becoming one of the top logistics and business centers in the Philippines. Constructed by top engineers and architects, the center is divided into four different zones. Its Logistics Park is in charge of warehousing and distribution, the Business Park fulfills office needs and the Aero Park is responsible for research and development, modeling and IT, among other services. The fourth zone, the Town Center, offers retail and shopping opportunities.

 The companies honored in Frankfurt were recognized not only for their entrepreneurial achievements, but also for their dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, key concepts of the QC100 Total Quality Management Model. Seeking to increase customer satisfaction and optimize efficiency, the model promotes an organizational culture of engagement and a proactive approach to improving processes.

All of the winning companies in Frankfurt have expressed their commitment to the QC100 TQM Model, which serves as an excellent example for other organizations in today's rapidly changing business environment. By making customer satisfaction the highest measure of quality, BID award winners set the benchmark in their respective sectors and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries, paving the way for world-changing initiatives. A key example can be seen through Zao Turris, whose spirit of innovation and positive growth has overcome and indeed thrived in the challenging current global economic climate.

An ongoing commitment to Quality, one of the core requirements for receiving a BID Award, can be witnessed through the distinguished companies previously honored with a BID Quality Award. Companies which already share BID's corporate seal are present in more than 170 countries and include world-renowned names on the Fortune Global 500 list such as: Operadora VIPS, of Wal-Mart Stores (1) Indian Oil Corporation Limited (88); and Beijing COFCO Plaza Development (357).

Other previous BID winners worthy of mention include Turner Construction (USA); Haki (Sweden); Ansaldo Energy (Italy); Zepter (Austria); RAO-Unified Energy Systems (Russia); Als & Cachou-TBWA (France); Tata Group (India); Plamex-Plantronics (USA); Dogus Holding A.S. (Tukey); Franklin Electric (USA and Mexico); QMS International from the United Kingdom, FSUE VO "Safety" (Russia); and Viking Line (Finland).

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